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March 6, 2009

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Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin
09KYIV429 2009-03-06 16:55 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Kyiv

DE RUEHKV #0429/01 0651655
P 061655Z MAR 09

C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 KYIV 000429 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 03/06/2019 
Classified By: Political Counselor Colin Cleary for reasons 1.4 (b) and 
1. (C)  Vadym Triukhan, Director of the newly formed 
Coordination Bureau for European and Euro-Atlantic 
Integration within the Cabinet of Ministers, recently 
outlined for Embassy his vision of the group's role in the 
existing network of often overlapping NATO/EU-focused 
inter-governmental coordinating bodies.  The Bureau consists 
of two EU and one NATO-focused units and reports directly to 
Deputy Prime Minister Nemyria, who was charged in March 2008 
by Presidential Decree with coordinating all NATO/EU issues. 
A draft Presidential decree providing the Bureau with the 
authority to coordinate the drafting of Ukraine's NATO Annual 
National Program (ANP) was recently pulled back for revision, 
leaving the competencies of the Bureau unclear.  The MFA's 
NATO and EU Directorates are guarding their primacy in the 
foreign policy arena, while hoping the Bureau will take on 
many of the domestic coordination responsibilities required 
by Ukraine's dual drive for NATO and EU membership.  End 
New Group in Town 
2. (SBU) Vadym Triukhan, Director of the Cabinet of 
Minister's Coordination Bureau for European and Euro-Atlantic 
Integration, on March 4 provided PolCouns with an overview of 
the structure and potential responsibilities of his group. 
The Coordination Bureau was officially launched on July 16 by 
a Cabinet Resolution and is intended to support Deputy Prime 
Minister Hryhorhiy Nemyria in his role as Coordinator for all 
Euro/Euro-Atlantic integration issues within the government. 
Nemyria was initially tasked with this role by President 
Yushchenko in a March 8 decree, but continued delays in 
confirming the scope and competencies of his role pushed back 
the formation of the Coordination Bureau.  The Bureau staffed 
up over the Fall and began to participate in meetings 
beginning in January 2009. 
3. (SBU) Triukhan noted that he currently has 40 staff and 
hopes to fill 10 additional slots if the 2009 budget 
amendments anticipated for this Spring provide funding.  He 
noted that the economic downturn in Ukraine had made it 
easier for him to recruit qualified staff.  The Bureau has 
two sections dedicated to EU issues -- one responsible for 
Strategic Planning (free trade area, sectoral cooperation, 
Council of Europe), and another responsible for Monitoring 
(compliance with Ukrainian-EU agreements, training of 
Ministry personnel on EU integration issues.)  A third 
section is responsible for Euro-Atlantic (NATO) issues and 
includes policy coordination, public outreach and legal 
cooperation units.  The NATO unit currently has 11 staff and 
hopes to fill an additional five slots. 
Substantive Focus 
4. (C) Triukhan viewed work on the EU Association Agreement 
as a key for the Bureau, adding that President Yushchenko's 
repeated public calls for completing an Association Agreement 
by the end of 2009 were unrealistic and counterproductive. 
The EU's Eastern Partnership (EP) was another focus, with the 
Bureau intending to organize a May 27-28 Conference in Kyiv 
to follow up on the May 7 EP Summit.  Triukhan added that the 
domestic political crisis has not been helpful in moving 
forward with key negotiations with the EU -- including on 
visas, aviation, and energy.  He noted that the EU had wanted 
to complete an aviation agreement in March, but that Ukraine 
saw the talks as one-sided with the EU pushing on access 
without providing counterbalancing concessions on technical 
assistance and industrial cooperation. 
MFA sees Bureau as Resource and Potential Competitor 
--------------------------------------------- ------- 
5. (C) The adoption at the December 2008 NATO Ministerial of 
a Annual National Program (ANP) to replace the Annual Target 
Plan (ATP) for Ukraine created an enhanced drafting and 
coordination requirement for the GOU.  The MFA NATO 
Directorate, which to date had somewhat unwillingly taken the 
lead role in coordinating and drafting previous ATPs, sees 
the new Bureau as a natural coordinator for the ANP.  MFA 
NATO Deputy DG Vadym Prystaiko on March 5 told us that his 
Ministry had sent a draft Presidential Decree to the 
Presidential Secretariat which would have tasked and 
empowered the Coordination Bureau with coordinating and 
preparing the ANP.  The MFA had always seen as onerous the 
responsibility of collating and drafting ATPs drawn from 
KYIV 00000429  002 OF 002 
inputs from 15 domestic Ministries and agencies.  The 
Presidential Secretariat returned the draft decree requesting 
more specificity regarding  scope and procedures. 
6. (C) Given the often glacial nature of preparing and 
passing Presidential Decrees this indicates that the MFA will 
retain the lead on the ANP for the foreseeable future. 
Prystaiko added that it will in any event take a long time 
for the Coordination Bureau staff to gain familiarity with 
the complex and politically sensitive process of 
inter-governmental coo
rdination within the split-executive of 
Ukraine.   He lamented that only two of the members of 
Truikhan's NATO team had prior experience in foreign or 
security policy. 
7. (C) In contrast to Prystaiko's focus on what tasks could 
be transferred from the MFA to the Coordination Bureau, 
Second Territorial Directorate Deputy DG Andrii Kuzmenko, who 
has the lead on EU issues, focused on the potential for 
competition with Triukhan's group.  During a March 5 meeting 
Kuzmenko noted that any attempt by the Bureau to become more 
involved in the negotiations with the European Commission 
regarding the EU Association Agreement or Eastern Partnership 
talks would be rebuffed.  Regarding the May 27-28 EP 
Conference the Bureau was intending to organize, Kuzmenko 
noted that the MFA had been informed and was "evaluating 
whether to participate."  Kuzmenko emphasized that the 
Bureau's competencies were limited to domestic activities, 
such as insuring compliance with international commitments. 
Dip Community Still Evaluating Bureau 
8. (C) Colleagues in the UK and German Embassies told us that 
they were increasingly reaching out to Triukhan's Bureau to 
gauge whether it could deliver and be an effective 
intermediary.  German First Secretary Meyer noted especially 
the increasing frustration within the German Mission with the 
MFA and its increased requirement for notes verbale for all 
requests -- the Germans were relying more and more on DPM 
Nemyria and his staff (which now included the Bureau) to 
intercede on a wide range of issues (GOU views on bilat 
relations with Germany to be reported septel.)  That said, 
both the UK and Germans agreed that Triukhan's group would 
suffer from the increasingly sharp exchanges over control of 
foreign policy that were taking place between the Yushchenko 
controlled MFA and the Cabinet of Minister's apparatus. 
9. (C) In theory a 40-strong coordinating cell in the Cabinet 
should enhance the GOU's ability to meet its commitments 
within the NATO/EU frameworks.  Its effectiveness will depend 
on how quickly its personnel can familiarize themselves with 
the existing plethora of coordination mechanisms and find 
their niche.  The absence for the foreseeable future of a 
decree clarify authorities and responsibilities means that 
Triukhan's Bureau will have to develop sharp elbows.  We will 
continue to engage with the Bureau with the hope that it will 
ultimately be able to help streamline the GOU coordination 




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