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August 23, 2008

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Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin
08KYIV1672 2008-08-23 10:02 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Kyiv


DE RUEHKV #1672/01 2361002
P 231002Z AUG 08

C O N F I D E N T I A L KYIV 001672 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 08/23/2017 
Classified By: Ambassador, reason 1.4 (b,d) 
1.  (C) Summary and Comment: On August 19, Deputy 
Presidential Secretariat Head Andriy Kyslynskiy publicly 
accused PM Tymoshenko of colluding with Russia in exchange 
for Moscow's support of her expected run for the presidency 
in 2009/2010.  On August 21, acting head of the Security 
Service of Ukraine (SBU) Nalyvaichenko confirmed that 
documents submitted by the Presidential Secretariat alleged 
treason on the part of the Prime Minister.  Tymoshenko 
strongly denied the allegations at a press conference, noting 
she would not respond to "political fiction."  During an 
August 22 meeting with the Ambassador, Presidential advisor 
Andriy Goncharuk noted he had seen "some documents" that 
related to a purported Tymoshenko meeting last week in Italy 
with Russian leaders -- he was unable to provide further 
details.  Deputy Prime Minister Hryhorhiy Nemyria told the 
Ambassador the charges were part of a systematic attempt by 
the Secretariat to "attack the PM personally and the Cabinet 
as an institution" in preparation for the 2009/10 
presidential elections, and that if President Yushchenko did 
not retract the charges the PM would request France call off 
the September 9 EU-Ukraine Summit. 
2. (C) Interior Minister Lutsenko has also publicly called 
for President Yushchenko, who has remained silent on this 
issue, to speak out.  We question the degree to which 
Yushchenko is involved in this latest round of allegatios, or 
whether it is being driven by the Presdential Secretariat 
under Victor Baloha.  In either case, however, Yushchenko 
could stop it if he wanted.  The allegations take the 
political infighting between the President and Prime Minister 
to a new level -- even if the issue dissapates and no 
official inquiry is launched, it could represent a serious 
rupture between Yushchenko and Tymoshenko.  If the 
allegations do result in the Prosecutor General's Office 
bringing charges we will be entering new political territory. 
 The issue is sure to feature prominently in the 2009 
presidential election race.   End Summary and Comment. 
Presidential Secretariat Accuses Tymoshenko of Treason 
--------------------------------------------- --------- 
3. (U) On August 19, Deputy Presidential Secretariat Head 
Andriy Kyslynskiy publicly accused PM Tymoshenko's government 
of colluding with Russia in exchange for its support for her 
expected run for the presidency in 2009/2010.  Kyslynskiy 
alleged that Tymoshenko was guilty of treason for agreeing to 
remain passive on the issue of the conflict in Georgia in 
exchange for Russian support.  He claimed that Viktor 
Medvedchuk, former head of Kuchma's Presidential 
Administration will run her campaign under the influence of 
Moscow, and with the help of old colleagues and Party of 
Regions figures Andriy Kluyev and Dmytro Tabachnyk.  In a 
public statement, Kyslynskiy said that Tymoshenko had passed 
"the point of no return" and left no room for Ukraine to 
maneuver in the conflict between Russia and Georgia.  He 
stated his intent to submit the incriminating materials to 
prosecutors and that Ukrainians were entitled to hear the 
truth about the "sell-out of some politicians who crossed the 
line of political struggle and indulged in open betrayal of 
national interests." 
4.  (U) The SBU press service confirmed on August 21 that it 
had received documents from the Presidential Secretariat 
alleging that PM Tymoshenko's government was involved in 
activities "harmful" to the national interest of Ukraine. 
The SBU said it would carefully consider the documents in 
accordance with the law and, if confirmed, it would forward 
the documents to the Prosecutor General's Office.  Acting 
head of the SBU Nalyvaichenko told reporters that the 
documents submitted by the Presidential Secretariat allege 
that the Tymoshenko's government had undermined national 
interests in regards to Ukraine's defense and security 
capacity.  "(The documents concern) both the temporary basing 
of military formations in Ukraine and energy security", he 
told journalists on Thursday.  Nalyvaichenko confirmed that 
the Secretariat had accused Tymoshenko's government under 
seven counts and that the SBU had begun checking into these 
5.  (U) Kyslynskiy in separate statements claimed that 
Russian political circles are trying to "reclaim" what they 
lost in the 2004 Orange Revolution and that a conference will 
be held September 4-6 to create a platform for anti-Ukrainian 
forces similar to the 2004 "Russian Club" that was formed by 
influential figures to promote Russian interests in the 
run-up to the presidential elections.  He added that it "will 
soon become clear" if the Yuliya Tymoshenko Bloc (BYuT) will 
join supporters of Russia such as the Communist Party of 
Ukraine and Progresive Socialist Party of Ukraine. 
Tymoshenko Denies Allegations 
6.  (U) On August 20, Tymoshenko strongly denied allegations 
about collaboration with the Kremlin during a press 
conference.  She told reporters that she would refute the 
allegations and that the sign at t
he Presidential Secretariat 
should be replaced with "Number 6 Hospital Ward", a reference 
to a nineteenth century Russian novel about a psychiatric 
hospital.  She told reporters that she would not make serious 
comments about the allegations except that her "position was 
to be with Ukraine."  DPM Nemyria noted that the PM would not 
react to statements from "technical workers."  BYuT MP 
Anatoliy Semynoga criticized the Presidential Secretariat for 
having become a body that is "breaking up" the country and 
"bringing shame" upon it while existing off of its budgetary 
resources.  Oleksandr Zinchenko, an advisor to Tymoshenko, 
claimed that the Presidential Secretariat has launched an 
effort to of "forceful overthrow" of the government with its 
decision to forward the documents to the SBU. 
7. (U)  Hanna Herman of the Party of Regions told the press 
on August 20 that allegations by the Presidential Secretariat 
that POR members Dmytro Tabachnyk and Andriy Kluyev were 
implicated in Tymoshenko's alleged collaboration with the 
Kremlin was nothing but a attempt to link POR to "bickering" 
within the orange team.   She said that POR has nothing to do 
with the orange "intrigues" and commented that Tymoshenko's 
alleged passive stand on the conflict in Georgia was "one of 
the few smart moves" by her because "as a smart politician 
she knows how risky it is to get involved in the 
conflict...."  Minister of Interior Lutsenko told the press 
that President Yushchenko must speak out in regards to 
allegations against Tymoshenko.   Lutsenko felt that it was 
unacceptable that a deputy head at the Presidential 
Secretariat could allege that the PM is a traitor and added 
that the sooner the President speaks out, the better for all 
Two Camps React 
8. (C) During an August 22 meeting with the Ambassador, 
Presidential Secretariat Deputy Andriy Goncharuk distanced 
himself personally from the issue, noting that he'd seen some 
documents related to Tymoshenko's purported actions, but that 
he was not directly involved in the process.  Without citing 
details, Goncharuk referenced meetings that Tymoshenko 
supposedly had in Italy going back to 2001, which involved 
Viktor Medvechuk and then Prime Minister Berlusconi. 
9. (C) During a subsequent August 22 meeting, DPM Hryhorhiy 
Nemyria told the Ambassador that the allegations raised by 
the Secretariat were part of a series of attempts to smear 
the PM prior to the elections  -- first by questioning her 
Orthodox faith, then by "playing the Russia card."  He 
understood that President Bush had raised during phone calls 
with Yushchenko the need to keep domestic stability, and 
noted that Chancellor Merkel was very concerned by the latest 
development.  The PM had decided not to react further beyond 
her initial public refutation of the charges, but that if 
President Yushchenko did not engage and refute the efforts of 
his staff the PM would contact the French and ask them to 
call off the September 9 EU-Ukraine Summit. 
"Rivalry goes to New Level" 
10.  (C)  A respected domestic political analyst, Viktor 
Nebozhenko, told EmbOff on August 22 that he was surprised by 
the seriousness of the allegations, which had raised tensions 
between Yushchenko-Tymoshenko to levels not seen before. 
Nebozhenko said he had spoken personally with Deputy 
Presidential Secretariat Kyslynskiy, who told him that he was 
confident that the allegations against Tymoshenko were well 
founded and that the Secretariat had to act urgently because 
of her level of cooperation with Russia.  Nebozhenko, who had 
not passed judgment on the validity of the allegations, 
indicated that Tymoshenko was alleged to have made agreements 
during a reported visit to Sardinia, which she publicly 
denied.  Nebozhenko felt that President Yushchenko's silence 
was odd and may indicate that he wants to distance himself 
from the events.  Nobozhenko expects the President will wait 
until things settle down or until opening of the Rada in 
early September.  When asked why Tymoshenko had not rebutted 
the allegations more forcefully, he opined that she may be 
uncharacteristically at a loss on how to respond to such 
serious charges. 
11.  (C)  Nebozhenko mentioned that it was unusual for a 
relatively low ranking official to have taken the public lead 
on the allegations and noted that Tymoshenko's attendance of 
a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council on the 
day the allegations were made public seemed like a 
contradiction to Nebozhenko.  He also noted that if the 
charges were well founded, they would not have been made 
publicly but would have quickly led to her being arrested. 
He believes that the review of the charges will take a long 
time and that the Rada will likely form a commission to 
investigate.  He believed that this will cause more political 
instability in the short term, which Moscow try to use for 
its advantage.   In the long term, even if Yushchenko and 
Tymoshenko resolve the matter quietly, neither one will soon 
forget and the allegations are bound to play a central role 
during the upcoming presidential elections. 
12. (U) Visit Embassy Kyiv's classified website: 




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