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July 30, 2007

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Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin
07KYIV1837 2007-07-30 11:33 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Kyiv

DE RUEHKV #1837/01 2111133
P 301133Z JUL 07

C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 KYIV 001837 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 07/30/2017 
KYIV 00001837  001.2 OF 002 
Classified By: Ambassador for reasons 1.4(b,d). 
1. (C) Summary:  The Ukrainian media was abuzz over the July 
28-29 weekend with Rada Speaker Moroz's announcement that he 
would call an extraordinary Rada session July 31.  Moroz said 
he was responding to a request from 179 deputies to hold the 
session, but Party of Regions leaders immediately responded 
publicly that they had no plans to participate.  Deputy Head 
of the Presdiential Secretariat Chaliy told Ambassador on 
July 30 that Regions was sticking to the May 27 agreement 
with the President.  This a scheme we first heard about from 
BYuT MP Nemyria, who told Ambassador July 20 that BYuT 
defector Mykola Zamkovenko--now self-appointed head of the 
so-called "BYuT-2" faction in the Rada--was trying to 
convince other BYuT MPs to recant their resignations and 
rejoin parliament.  Regions leaders had privately confirmed 
to us last week that the proposal for a new session had been 
floated, but that the party had decided to move ahead with 
elections.  In addition, Regions' political council met July 
30 to finalize its election list and leadership of the 
campaign headquarters; afterwards MP Mykhaylo Chechetov said 
the council had reaffirmed that Regions would not participate 
in another Rada session.  Even the Communists have said they 
have not decided whether to go to the session. 
2. (C) Comment:  On the face of it, Moroz's announcement 
seems to be the attempt of a desperate man to forestall 
elections that will mean the end of his Speakership, if not 
his political career.  It seems highly unlikely that Moroz 
was really able to collect 179 signatures--Socialists, 
Communists, and BYuT-2 together would only get him to about 
75.  Without a quorum, Moroz will not have his session. 
There may be some rank and file MPs in Regions willing to 
return to the session hall because their place on the party 
list is not secure, but we do not expect to Regions to attend 
even if Moroz goes ahead and convenes the session--the 
appearance of a large Regions contingent at a new session 
would signal that tensions among factions within the party 
were bubbling to the surface.  End summary and comment. 
Kluyev Holds Meeting on Whether to Call New Rada Session 
--------------------------------------------- ----------- 
3. (C)  BYuT MP Hryhoriy Nemyria told Ambassador July 20 that 
they had information from three sources that Deputy Prime 
Minister Klyuyev held a meeting with Environment Minister 
Dzharty (Regions' campaign manager in 2006), Regions MP 
Sivkovych, First Deputy Speaker and Communist Martynyuk, head 
of the Rada Secretariat Valentyn Zaichuk (a Moroz ally), and 
MP Zamkovenko, head of the breakaway "BYuT-2" faction of BYuT 
MPs who refused to resign.  The purpose of the meeting, 
according to Nemyria, was to discuss whether to hold an 
extraordinary Rada session at the end of July and whether to 
bring protesters into Kyiv to picket outside the Rada and the 
Central Election Commission.  Part of this plan involved 
Zamkovenko trying to bring former BYuT allies on board to 
claim they had been coerced to resign and to demand the 
return of their seats.  Nemyria even gave us a copy of the 
form letter being circulated among BYuT members that could be 
used to reclaim one's parliamentary mandate.  At the end of 
the meeting, Klyuyev, Dzharty, and Sivkovych said Party of 
Regions would hold its own internal consultations on this 
Regions Leaders Say Elections Will Go Forward 
4. (C) Ambassador raised this meeting with a number of 
Regions leaders the following week.  When Dzharty was asked 
on July 24, the Minister smiled and said he knew why the 
Ambassador was asking.  He added that Regions was going ahead 
with elections preparations.  Faction leader Bohatyreva and 
deputy faction head Kolesnikov also told Ambassador on July 
27 that Regions has decided that it did not want to 
participate in another Rada session. 
5. (U) The public Regions response has been just as clear. 
Kolesnikov said that Regions will not participate and fellow 
deputy faction leader Chechetov said that Regions saw no 
reason to hold one, although he said they would reconvene if 
President Yushchenko asked them.  Chechetov later came out 
and said Regions political council had met July 30 and 
confirmed that the party has no plans to attend a July 31 
Rada session. 
Others Still Pushing for the Session 
6. (SBU)  Ignoring Regions' comments, Moroz announced that 
the extraordinary session would discuss social security 
benefits, the legal basis for pre-term parliamentary 
KYIV 00001837  002.2 OF 002 
elections, constitutional amendments, and other matters. 
Socialist MP Kuzmenko said that the session could start with 
the swearing in of new MPs who will replace the BYuT and OU 
MPs who resigned--another refusal by the Socialists to 
recognize the opposition's resignations.  Zamkovenko told the &#
x000A;press that, if there is a session, his group will 
participate.  The Communists were more undecided, indicating 
that they might do whatever Regions does. 
7. (U) Visit Embassy Kyiv's classified website: 




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