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April 25, 2007

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Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin
07KYIV976 2007-04-25 03:23 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Kyiv

DE RUEHKV #0976/01 1150323
P 250323Z APR 07

C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 KYIV 000976 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 04/24/2017 
KYIV 00000976  001.2 OF 002 
Classified By: DCM Sheila Gwaltney, reason 1.4 (b,d) 
1. (C)  Summary.  Ambassador and DATT met with Minister of 
Defense Anatoliy Hrytsenko on April 23, 2007 to discuss 
command and control of military forces, potential uses of 
Internal Troops of the Ministry of Interior in times of 
crisis, Hrytsenko,s inclusion on the party list of Our 
Ukraine (OU) in case of early elections, and international 
military exercise legislation.  Hrytsenko repeated earlier 
questions on Secretary of Defense participation in the 
Southeastern European Defense Ministerial (SEDM) planned for 
fall 2007 in Ukraine, issues related to the Ballistic Missile 
Defense (BMD) System proposed for central Europe, and policy 
regarding Iraq.  End Summary. 
Hrytsenko: SEDM invite, BMD requests 
2. (C) Ambassador and DATT met with Minister of Defense 
Anatoliy Hrytsenko on 23 April 2007.  Hrytsenko began the 
meeting by reiterating earlier requests.  He asked if 
Secretary Gates had agreed to participate in the Southeastern 
Europe Defense Ministerial (SEDM) that Ukraine will host in 
the fourth quarter of 2007.  Ambassador replied that we hoped 
to have an answer from the Secretary's office by the end of 
April.  Hrytsenko reiterated that he had agreed to host the 
SEDM in Ukraine at the specific request of Former Secretary 
Rumsfeld and without the presence of the U.S. Secretary, the 
importance of the SEDM event would be decreased 
3. (C) Hrytsenko repeated his request to obtain data on 
predicted debris fallout patterns that would result of from a 
missile interceptor fired from the proposed southern Poland 
site destroying an incoming offensive ballistic missile fired 
from Iran.  Ambassador told him that we awaited the data from 
Washington, hopefully by the end of the week.  Hrytsenko 
asked whether it would be possible to receive in writing LTG 
Obering,s oral assurances that the U.S. would cooperate with 
concerned nations such as Russia and Ukraine in several 
areas.  Ambassador replied that he would work with Washington 
on that issue. 
4. (C)  Hrytsenko asked about the deteriorating situation in 
Iraq and asked what measures the U.S. was taking to improve 
the situation.  He said there is concern among the public and 
politicians about the safety of the remaining Ukrainian 
soldiers, emphasizing the negative fallout that would occur 
in the event additional soldiers were killed (note: the 
remaining Ukrainian soldiers in Iraq are serving as staff 
officers and trainers). 
Military/Interior Command and Control issues 
5. (C)  Ambassador asked the Minister about the command and 
control of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Interior. 
The Minister answered by describing several different 
scenarios.  In the case of serious public disorder, the 
Ministry of Interior would take the lead, and Internal Troops 
would remain under command of the Minister of Interior. 
Faced by a large-scale terrorist situation, the Internal 
Troops of the Ministry of Interior could fall under command 
of the Anti-Terrorist Center, commanded by the Security 
Service of Ukraine, the lead agency for anti-terrorism. 
During a man-made (such as nuclear power plant accident) or 
natural disaster, the Internal Troops may fall under command 
of the Minister of Emergency.  For wartime situations, all 
military formations would be under command of the Chief of 
Defense (Chief of the General Staff).  In all cases, the 
president as supreme commander of military forces would lead 
the guidance and coordination. 
6. (C) Minister Hrytsenko also reiterated that each agency 
with security and defense forces continues to meet daily 
during the on-going political crisis to discuss and 
coordinate their schedules, actions, and issues.  He said the 
possibility of conflict between Ministry of Defense forces 
and Ministry of Interior forces was practically zero right 
now.  He emphasized that the General Colonel Kikhtenko, 
Commander of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Interior, 
was a responsible person. 
Why is Hrytsenko going political? Presidential request 
--------------------------------------------- --------- 
KYIV 00000976  002.2 OF 002 
7. (C)  Ambassador asked Minister Hrytsenko why he had agreed 
to be included on the proposed electoral list of Our Ukraine 
(OU) in the event of early elections.  Hrytsenko replied that 
this had been at the personal request of President 
Yushchenko.  Hrytsenko, who had served as the policy planning 
chief for Yushchenko's 2004 Presidential Campaign but had 
insisted on not joining any party as Defense Minister, had 
asked Yushchenko whether the Minister of Defense should 
participate in elections.  Yushchenko replied: normally no, 
but in this case, he desired respected and experi
enced people 
to take part.  Hrytsenko clarified that he did not want to be 
a member of parliament and preferred to remain in the 
executive branch.  Yushchenko agreed that he wanted Hrytsenko 
to continue his defense reform work as Minister. 
8. (C) Yushchenko had indicated that OU would run a joint 
listed with People's Self-Defense leader (and former Interior 
Minister) Yuri Lutsenko.  Hrytsenko agreed to be associated 
with OU because OU had always supported the proposals of the 
Minister of Defense; it has been the only major political 
faction not afraid to voice support for NATO membership; it 
was the President's party; all the main players were well 
known to Hrytsenko, and, after experiencing three separate 
governments, he had a more favorable opinion of the OU 
faction.  Hrytsenko did state preconditions before he would 
agree: he must be one of the top five names on the list; OU 
oligarch Poroshenko could not be on the list; Hrytsenko would 
not voice criticism of other factions during the campaign but 
would only speak in positive terms on the way forward for the 
future; and he would not actively campaign until a week or 
two prior to the elections. 
Military Exercise legislation 
9. (C) Ambassador asked about the annual international 
military exercise authorization legislation which had been 
approved by the coalition factions sitting in the Rada April 
6 after the President had issued his April 2 decree to 
dismiss the Rada.  Minister Hrytsenko suggested the 
legislation may be signed into law within the next couple of 
days by Rada Speaker Moroz (note: Moroz associates in the 
Socialist party, including Rada Foreign Affairs Committee 
Chair Shybko and the Rada Secretariat, previously told us 
that if Yushchenko did not sign the legislation, it would not 
come into effect, though Moroz has the authority to publish 
the legislation after 15 days).  Hrytsenko added that the 
Ministry of Defense is working with all local authorities to 
prepare for exercises, and the Chief of Defense has made 
several trips to exercise areas to coordinate with local 
government officials. 
10. (U) Visit Embassy Kyiv's classified website: 




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