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November 9, 2006

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Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin
06KYIV4229 2006-11-09 14:54 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Kyiv

DE RUEHKV #4229/01 3131454
P 091454Z NOV 06

C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 03 KYIV 004229 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 11/08/2016 
REF: A. KYIV 4062 
     B. KIEV 3490 
Classified By: Political Counselor Kent Logsdon for reasons 1.4(b,d) 
1. (C) Summary.  Ukraine is increasingly willing to use the 
Organization for Democracy and Economic Development - GUAM as 
a policy coordination vehicle, covering everything from joint 
declarations by GUAM members on regional issues to economic, 
military and scientific cooperation.  However, Ukraine, as 
the host for GUAM's new secretariat is also fumbling with the 
operational steps necessary to make the regional organization 
an operating concern, delaying approval of the GUAM Charter 
due to domestic political considerations -- a step that could 
result in delaying the scheduled opening of the GUAM 
Secretariat in January 2007.  Uncertainty about the attitude 
of the new government toward GUAM, especially in light of 
open hostility from the Communists (a member of the ruling 
coalition), means that Ukraine will probably be cautious over 
the next few months as it moves to operationalize the 
organization.  End Summary. 
2. (C)  Comment.  Over the past two years, the Ukrainian 
government (GOU) appeared to understand better than other 
GUAM members the need to establish a Secretariat in order to 
be seen as a credible regional organization, especially by 
the EU.  The GOU had also recognized that the lack of a 
permanent headquarters impeded both the operational and 
financial effectiveness of the U.S.-GUAM Framework Program. 
As a result, Ukraine became the primary force behind 
establishing a Secretariat by providing the building, initial 
funding, and carrying the pen on drafting the required 
protocols.  However, recent reluctance to push ahead with 
approval of the GUAM Charter and concerns about raising 
GUAM's profile with the new government means that we may have 
to nudge the Ukrainians to stay on track if they want to 
realize the goal declared in the 2005 GUAM Chisinau 
Declaration - to be an organization that stands for EU 
integration, democracy and free markets.  End Comment. 
Multilateral Coordination 
3. (SBU) Over the past two years, Ukraine has used GUAM more 
actively as a policy coordination vehicle and an organizing 
principle for cooperation with its fellow members.  In 
October, apparently to sidestep the issue of whether or not 
to make a statement, the Ukrainian government prompted the 
adoption of a joint GUAM statement on Russia-Georgia tensions 
(ref A).  However, according to GUAM Information Office 
Executive Director Yevgen Koziy, the Ukrainian MFA had also 
issued its own criticism of Russian actions in Georgia (note: 
in fact, the latest statement we found concerning the 
relations between Russia and Georgia on the MFA website was 
dated August 2).  The Ukrainian Government has been 
instrumental in the effort to create a GUAM development bank 
(ref B). 
4. (C) Ukraine has also tried to use GUAM to help settle 
"frozen conflicts."  Andriy Beshta, of the MFA's UN 
directorate, told us October 24 that GUAM countries were 
close to finalizing an UNGA resolution on frozen conflicts. 
According to Beshta, the resolution's text is being drafted 
to be consistent with the suggestions EUR DAS Kramer made to 
GUAM ministers at the U.S.-GUAM bilateral on the margins of 
UNGA and in a manner as non-controversial as possible in 
hopes of garnering U.S. support.  Beshta told us "off the 
record" that he is concerned about the current tension 
between Georgia and Russia and fears Ukraine could face the 
same type of pressure.  (We subsequently forwarded the draft 
text of the UNGA resolution, received October 27, to the 
5. (SBU) There has also been Ukrainian support for closer 
ties between the Science and Technology Center (STCU) and 
GUAM.  SCTU Executive Director Andrew Hood proposed 
development of a cooperative relationship between STCU and 
GUAM.  Hood noted that GUAM's membership closely matches 
STCU's (Uzbekistan is also a member of STCU) and shared 
similar goals in the spheres of science cooperation, high 
technology development, and socio-economic and regional 
security enhancement.  STCU could be helpful in implementing 
the science and technology aspects of the GUAM Charter.  The 
MFA is eager to discuss the concept.  (Comment. The 
multilaterally-funded, including by USG, STCU is casting 
about for new programs and roles now that its primary mission 
of finding employment for scientists and engineers formerly 
working on WMD programs is declining.  Arranging this 
cooperation, however, would be facilitated once GUAM 
establishes a Secretariat. End Comment.) 
KYIV 00004229  002 OF 003 
PKO and Military Cooperation 
6. (SBU) Koziy told us that GUAM members have been discussing 

the notion of giving GUAM a peacekeeping capability, but 
stressed that any peacekeeping operations would only take 
place under a UN or OSCE mandate.  In his view, it took five 
years to develop the framework for a joint Ukrainian-Polish 
battalion to participate in the NATO-led Kosovo Force (KFOR), 
so it was likely that a similar period would likely be needed 
to establish any GUAM peacekeeping force. 
7. (U) In fact, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry touted the 
crisis response "Rough and Ready 06" exercise with the 
California Air National Guard as an example of military 
cooperation among GUAM members, reinforcing perceptions that 
GUAM members were working toward a joint peacekeeping 
capability. The civil-military search and rescue exercise, 
held in Odesa September 17-20, had 12 participants each from 
Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Moldova; 180 from Ukraine; and over 
60 from the U.S. 
Status of the Secretariat 
8. (U) Ukraine's strong support for GUAM has translated into 
its strong support for the establishment of a permanent 
secretariat.  According to Koziy, renovation of the 1,000 
square meter premises in downtown Kyiv that will house the 
GUAM Secretariat should be finished in early 2007. 
Completion of the premises had received an additional push 
because of President Yushchenko's personal interest in the 
project.  Even if the building is not completed on schedule, 
Koziy suggested that the GUAM Secretariat staff could operate 
temporarily in the existing GUAM Information Office premises 
in the Shevchenko University International Relations 
Institute.  He said there would be a meeting of National 
Coordinators on November 27 or 28 in Tblisi and a Ministerial 
meeting on December 4 or 5 in Brussels to approve the final 
documents required to establish the Secretariat formally. 
9. (SBU) When asked if the Ministry of Interior (MoI) would 
assume responsibility for the Virtual Law Enforcement Center 
(VLEC) from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) -- an 
arrangement that would be more in keeping with EU law 
enforcement norms -- Koziy replied that, while MFA was in 
favor of MoI control, the current arrangement could not be 
changed because of legal restrictions.  Robert Peacock, 
coordinator for the Euro-Atlantic Advisory Team in Kyiv, 
noted the location of Ukraine's VLEC in the SBU headquarters 
building has a tendency to inhibit its use by other agencies. 
Operational Snafus and Political Complications 
--------------------------------------------- - 
10. (C)  Ukraine, however, is fumbling with the operational 
steps necessary to make the regional organization an 
operating reality.  Concern about raising GUAM's profile has 
led the Government to delay seeking Rada approval of the 
documents needed to make GUAM a functioning entity.  And with 
Rada consideration of the GUAM Charter delayed due to 
domestic political considerations, the GUAM Secretariat is 
unlikely to open in January 2007 as planned.  (Embassy note: 
The Communist Party is already a vocal opponent of GUAM.  And 
since a vote on the GUAM charter has the potential to split 
the ruling coalition, something that has not yet happened in 
the Rada, the MFA is delaying consideration of the bill until 
other controversial issues are voted upon.) 
11. (C) In an October 27 meeting with Ambassador and 
PolCouns, Ukrainian DFM Andriy Veselovskiy said the GUAM 
Charter had not been put to a vote in the parliament (Rada) 
because parties in the ruling coalition, namely the 
Communists and the Socialists, who were opposed to Ukraine's 
entry into NATO could view a strengthened GUAM as a NATO 
"Trojan horse."  The MFA said that the coalition's leading 
Party of Regions might choose to vote against the GUAM 
charter rather than split the ruling coalition.  Thus, 
Veselovskiy preferred to delay the vote until another issue 
was considered, i.e. WTO-related legislation, that was 
contentious for the ruling coalition with the hope that a 
vote on GUAM would not become a test-case for the coalition's 
12. (C) During an October 30 meeting, Georgian Embassy Senior 
Counselor Levan Nizharadze told us that he was worried about 
the prospects of getting the GUAM Charter approved by the 
Rada in time for the Secretariat to open as planned.  He said 
that the Party of Regions government may be tempted to slow 
GUAM progress in an effort to gain leverage with the 
KYIV 00004229  003 OF 003 
Russians, and feels that the Ukrainians will need a "nudge" 
from the U.S. to keep GUAM on track.  Nizharadze does not 
think that the Secretariat can function without an approved 
charter since the organization would be unable to approve a 
13. (U) Visit Embassy Kyiv's classified website: 




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