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June 22, 2006

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Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin
06KIEV2462 2006-06-22 17:42 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Kyiv
DE RUEHKV #2462/01 1731742
O 221742Z JUN 06


C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 KIEV 002462 



E.O. 12958: DECL: 06/22/2016 

REF: A. KIEV 2316 

     B. KIEV 2461 

Classified By: Charge d'Affaires a.i., for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d). 

Summary and Comment 

1. (C) Following the June 22 formation of parliamentary 
majority of the Tymoshenko Bloc (BYuT), Our Ukraine (OU), and 
the Socialists, the direction of the spurned Party of Regions 
was being taken over by party "radicals," according to 
moderate Regions deputy leader Volodymyr Makeyenko. 
Bombastic MPs like Yevhen Kushnaryov and Valentyn Landyk were 
now in the ascendancy, lamented Makeyenko.  At an impromptu 
Regions caucus following the coalition announcement, 
Kushnaryov had told the assembled MPs that Regions would do 
everything it could to "destroy Tymoshenko and her cabinet." 
Kushnaryov predicted that the new coalition would only last 
until September and boasted that Regions would "paint fences" 
with Tymoshenko's "blood and guts."  Earlier on June 22, 
Regions MPs had expressed confidence that there would be no 
Orange Coalition formed and that they would then take control 
of the government formation process.  Tymoshenko and BYuT 
contacts had alleged to us for weeks that Regions had 
attempted to buy an undetermined number of Orange MPs to 
create their own effective majority.  The potential turncoats 
were clearly not as firmly in Regions' pockets as they had 
believed.  A downbeat Makeyenko, who told us he and other 
moderates had been embarrassed by Kushnaryov's antics during 
the recent Sea Breeze protests in Crimea (ref A), predicted 
that Regions would now beat the "federalism" and "Russian 
language" drums harder than ever.  He added that Regions had 
already fired its first shot at Tymoshenko, voting at the 
caucus to authorize the Regions-controlled oblast councils in 
Luhansk and Donetsk to withhold tax payments to the central 

2. (C) Comment: Makeyenko may be painting too extreme a 
picture of shifting dynamics inside Regions.  He has admitted 
to us in the past that "Donetsk" really does run Regions. 
Kharkiv-based Kushnaryov and Luhansk-based Yefremov won't 
ultimately call the shots; Party financier Akhmetov and his 
Donetsk associates will.  At the close of the June 22 Rada 
session, deputy BYuT leader Oleksandr Turchynov extended an 
olive branch to Regions and called for dialogue over 
government/rada positions (ref B).  Still, Regions is licking 
its wounds in the aftermath of a development -- creation of 
the BYuT-OU-SPU parliamentary majority -- they apparently 
genuinely believed would never coalesce.  End summary and 

Regions: Party Radicals Now In Charge? 

3. (C) Party of Regions MP and deputy leader Volodymyr 
Makeyenko, one of the party's more moderate voices and a 
longtime embassy contact, privately gave us a readout on an 
impromptu Regions caucus held during a 90 minute break 
following the June 22 announcement of the formation of an 
Orange coalition (ref B).  The "radicals" within the party 
were now in charge, Makeyenko claimed, specifying that 
bombastic MPs Yevhen Kushnaryov, Valentyn Landyk, and, to a 
lesser extent, Oleksandr Yefremov were moving into the 

"Paint Fences" With Tymoshenko's Blood 

4. (C) During the caucus, which was attended by Regions' 
financier Rinat Akhmetov, Makeyenko related that Kushnaryov 
had fired up the Regions troops, still smarting from Yuliya 
Tymoshenko's rhetorical whipping during the morning and the 
confirmation of the formation of a parliamentary majority by 
a "Coalition of Democratic Forces," by declaring that the 
party would do everything it could to "destroy Tymoshenko and 
her cabinet."  The acerbic Kushnaryov told the assembled MPs 
that Tymoshenko "resents us, hates us and will not give us 
anything" in the new coalition government.  Using a Russian 
idiom, Kushnaryov vowed that, in return, Regions would "paint 
fences" with Tymoshenko's "blood and guts."  Additionally, 
Kushnaryov predicted that the "Coalition of Democratic 
Forces" would only last until September. 

Behind The Fury: Regions Scorned and Duped? 

5. (C) The intensity of the outrage may stem from Regions' 
sense that it had been double-crossed.  Tymoshenko Bloc MP 
and foreign policy guru Hryhoriy Nemyria asserted to Charge 
on June 22 that Regions had, prior to the start of the day's 

KIEV 00002462  002 OF 002 

Rada session, bribed an undetermined number of Orange MPs, 
who reportedly had signed statements in support of Regions. 
According to Nemyria, Regions leaders had been mistakenly 
confident that these potential turncoats were firmly "in 
their pocket" and available to help block the Orange 
coalition formation and/or elect Regions leader Viktor 
Yanukovych as the new Rada Speaker. 

6. (C) BYuT has asserted for weeks that Regions was 
attempting to buy Orange MPs.  Regions MPs were busy working 
the halls before the start of
 the June 22 session hinting to 
us that Regions had a "surprise" in store and that no orange 
coalition would form.  On his way to the Regions caucus 
following the announcement of the formation of the 
parliamentary majority, an agitated Akhmetov told a small 
group of reporters and diplomats that he was "certain" that 
there were not enough valid signatures on the coalition 
agreement.  After the announcement that Rada Secretariat had 
in fact verified 239 valid signatures on the agreement (ref 
B), an exasperated Kushnaryov unsuccessfully called for each 
of the 239 MPs to stand and publicly acknowledge that they 
had signed the document. 

What It May Mean: Center-province showdown in the offing? 
--------------------------------------------- ------------ 

7. (C) A dejected Makeyenko, who previously told us he and 
other moderates had been embarrassed by the antics of 
Kushnaryov and other radicals during the recent Sea Breeze 
protests in Crimea (ref A), predicted that Regions would 
respond by beating the "federalism" and 
"Russian-as-second-State-language" drums harder than ever. 
Makeyenko added that the caucus fired the first shot in its 
"total war" on Tymoshenko by authorizing the 
Regions-controlled oblast councils in Donetsk and Luhansk to 
begin withholding tax revenue from the central government. 




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