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June 14, 2006

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Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin
06KIEV2316 2006-06-14 15:57 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Kyiv
DE RUEHKV #2316/01 1651557
O 141557Z JUN 06


C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 KIEV 002316 



E.O. 12958: DECL: 06/14/2016 

REF: A. KIEV 2281 
     B. KIEV 2279 
     C. KIEV 2190 
     D. KIEV 2296 

Classified By: Ambassador for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d). 


1. (C) At the June 14 parliament (Rada) session, Socialist 
Party leader Oleksandr Moroz attempted to revive talks to 
form an Orange coalition by dropping his demand to become 
Rada Speaker.  In return, he asked Our Ukraine (OU) to divide 
all government posts, down to district chiefs, among the 
Orange partners in accordance with the March 26 parliamentary 
election results -- a demand that President Yushchenko's 
spokeswoman rejected later on June 14.  Our Ukraine's point 
man in the coalition formation effort, Roman Bezsmertny, 
called on OU's potential partners to compromise and form a 
strong government capable of implementing serious economic 
and political reforms.  Senior Party of Regions MP Mykola 
Azarov, looking straight at the OU Rada contingent, argued 
for the creation of a "broad coalition," stressing that 
Regions was professional and committed to democracy and 
Euro-integration.  Tymoshenko Bloc (BYuT) leader Yuliya 
Tymoshenko blamed OU, and President Yushchenko personally, 
for failing to create an Orange coalition; BYuT, she said, 
would never join an Orange-Blue coalition, which she likened 
to "vinaigrette."  Regions and OU MPs voted together to veto 
a measure on the number of committees in the Rada, prompting 
Communist MP Martynyuk, who chaired today's session, to 
remark -- to the cheers of Regions MPs -- that "maybe 
tomorrow a new coalition will be formed."  The Rada will 
reconvene at 10:00 a.m. on June 15.  Moderate Regions MP 
Volodymyr Makeyenko told us privately that an Orange-Blue 
deal could be done as early as the morning of June 15.  He 
also warned that the Rada may vote tomorrow to authorize an 
inquiry into Sea Breeze and the events in Feodosiya; 
Makeyenko said he would likely chair the inquiry to keep it 
out of the hands of hotheaded Regions MPs who had disgraced 
themselves in Crimea.  End summary. 

Rada Reconvenes: Olive Branch From Moroz... 

2. (SBU) At the June 14 Rada session, which opened not with 
fisticuffs but with a hearty bipartisan cheer for Ukraine's 
World Cup team, Socialist Party leader Oleksandr Moroz 
unexpectedly attempted to revive the Orange coalition talks 
by dropping his controversial demand to be made Rada Speaker 
(Ref A).  In exchange, he called on Our Ukraine (OU) to agree 
to divide among Orange coalition partners all government 
positions, down to the district chief level, in accordance 
with the results of the March 26 parliamentary elections. 

...Criticism From Bezsmertny... 

3. (SBU) Foreshadowing the rejection of Moroz's offer that 
would come later on June 14 from President Yushchenko's 
spokeswoman, OU's point man in the coalition talks, Roman 
Bezsmertny, spoke eloquently about what he called the 
"difficult work" of a "genuine" democracy.  Coalition 
formation in the Kuchma era had been simple, achieved with 
orders and threats.  He called on all of OU's potential 
partners to "compromise" and form a coalition that would not 
be "weak" but instead capable of implementing serious 
economic and political reforms -- reforms that Bezsmertny 
said Moroz opposed.  (Note: Moroz' counter-offer infringes on 
the president's constitutional power to name the leaders of 
the four "power ministries" -- the Ministries of Defense and 
Interior, the Security Service of Ukraine, and the Prosecutor 
General's Office -- as well as appoint oblast and rayon 

...A Plea For A Broad Coalition From Regions... 
--------------------------------------------- -- 

4. (SBU) Senior Party of Regions MP Mykola Azarov used his 
turn at the microphone to argue for the creation of a 
so-called "broad coalition" between Regions and OU.  Draped 
in a Team Ukraine soccer scarf, like all his Regions 
colleagues, Azarov -- looking directly at the OU contingent 
-- emphasized that Regions was professional, committed to 
democracy and "Euro-integration," and ready to start work 

...And Brimstone From Yuliya 

KIEV 00002316  002 OF 002 

5. (SBU) A fired-up Yuliya Tymoshenko blasted OU, needling 
President Yushchenko for the failure to form an Orange 
coalition.  Our Ukraine, she claimed, was merely going 
through the motions and would find "yet another excuse" to 
reject Moroz' olive branch.  Tymoshenko stressed that her 
bloc (BYuT) would never join in OU's "broad coalition" with 
Regions, acidly referring to it as "vinaigrette", i.e., a 
combination of immiscible oil and vinegar.  She praised two 
senior OU MPs who, in an OU political council meeting on June 
13, argued against reaching out to Regions; one of the MPs, 
Mykola Katerynchuk, told the Rada that in an Orange coalition 
"some OU MPs wou
ld lose" but that in an Orange-Blue coalition 
"democracy would lose."  BYuT, Tymoshenko emphasized, was 
ready to move into opposition with the SP. 

A Sign Of Things To Come? 

6. (SBU) After a break for faction leader negotiations, which 
went nowhere, the Rada voted down two proposals: one on the 
number of parliamentary committees and the other on changing 
the way the Rada's agenda is set.  (Comment:  The change in 
Rada procedures conceivably could have allowed deputies to 
elect a speaker in the absence of a governing coalition.) 
However, OU voted with Regions in vetoing the first measure, 
prompting Communist MP Adam Martynyuk, the provisional 
presidium member who chaired today's session, to remark -- to 
the cheers of Regions MPs -- that "maybe tomorrow a new 
coalition will be formed." 


7. (C) The Rada will convene again June 15 at 10:00 a.m. 
local time.  Senior Regions MPs, including party leader 
Viktor Yanukovych, told the press following the Rada session 
that Regions would form a coalition "in a matter of days." 
In a private conversation with us, moderate Regions MP 
Volodymyr Makeyenko told us that the Orange-Blue deal could 
be done as early as the morning of June 15.  Makeyenko also 
warned us that the Rada may pass a resolution creating an 
ad-hoc investigatory committee into Sea Breeze and the recent 
protests in Feodosiya (Refs B and C).  Makeyenko said that he 
would likely be named to chair the committee; moderate 
Regions MPs wanted to keep the committee "out of the hands" 
of hotheads like Yevhen Kushnarov.  Makeyenko added that 
there "were a lot" of Regions MPs who were embarrassed by 
Kushnarov's antics in Crimea, and promised that, as committee 
chairman, he would "not make too much noise." 


8. (C) Our Ukraine's effort to reach out to Regions and begin 
coalition formation talks apparently headed off a Regions 
attempt to alter the Rada's Rules of Procedures, elect a new 
Speaker, and use OU defectors to unconstitutionally form a 
new governing coalition (Ref D).  MP Andriy Shevchenko, 
number five on the BYuT list, confirmed to us that 
Tymoshenko, Moroz and Bezsmertny met briefly at the Rada 
following the close of today's session, but there were no 
serious discussions about an Orange option.  As of 1900, we 
have no information to suggest that the Orange players are 
talking, but understand that, as of 1900, OU's political 
council is meeting.  Bezsmertny promised to call us with a 
readout once the session ends.  Separately, Ukrainska Pravda 
is reporting that Yushchenko is insisting that a coalition be 
formed immediately, but that he cannot participate in the 
coalition talks and should only "judge the process." 




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