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March 24, 2006

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Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin
06KIEV1158 2006-03-24 15:32 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Kyiv
This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available.


C O N F I D E N T I A L KIEV 001158 


E.O. 12958: DECL: 03/24/2016 

Classified By: Ambassador.  Reasons 1.4 (b and d) 

1. (C) Tymoshenko adviser Hryhoriy Nemyrya denied to 
Ambassador and DCM March 24 that any agreement had been 
reached among Our Ukraine, Tymoshenko,s eponymous bloc BYuT, 
and Socialists, although he acknowledged that talks were 
taking place between Tymoshenko,s Deputy Oleksandr Turchynov 
and Our Ukraine,s Roman Bezmertny and Roman Zvarych.   In 
his characteristically precise manner, Nemyrya said that 
while talks were going on, &the depth of the communication 
is not bringing the sides closer to agreement.8  Both sides 
saw the talks as an &exhibit of good will,8 but both sides 
were looking to see &who has the stronger hand8 after the 
election.  Nemyrya said that no side wanted to sign until the 
voting was over.  Then they would know their relative 
electoral strength and would negotiate &from a position of 
strength.8  To underscore BYuT,s pre-election caution on 
the talks, he pointed to remarks by Our Ukraine leader Mykola 
Martynenko, who was quoted in the March 24 &Financial 
Times8 implying that Our Ukraine might look to an alliance 
with opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych,s Party of Regions 
&if the talks with Yulia are blocked.8 

2. (C) Nemyrya said that President Yushchenko,s comments 
during an interview on the national 
&1 18 channel March 23 were somewhat heartening.  When 
asked about possible partners in a post-election Rada 
coalition, Yushchenko initially said he did not want to 
appear to be engaging in partisan politics.  He then said, 
according to Nemyrya, that a coalition could be built around 
democratic forces, including PORA-PRP, Kostenko-Plyushch 
bloc.  Nemyrya said that Yushchenko added, perhaps as an 
afterthought, &and BYuT.8  Nemyrya shared a March 19 IIS 
poll that put Regions at 36% with a slight upward trend, Our 
Ukraine roughly at 18% (with a slight downward trend), and 
BYuT at 18% with a slight upward trend.   He said that BYuT 
had not commissioned the IIS poll. 

3. (C)  Ambassador spoke separately with Foreign Minister 
(and leader of Our Ukraine bloc member Rukh Party) Tarasyuk, 
who said he thought the agreement would be signed Thursday 
night, March 23. But then Tymoshenko said she wanted to wait 
to sign until Sunday night, March 26, at or after 2200 hours, 
that is, after the polls close. 




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