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06KIEV574, Ukraine: Energizing GUAM

February 13, 2006

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06KIEV574 2006-02-13 13:23 2011-08-30 01:44 UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Embassy Kyiv
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E.O. 12958: N/A 
SUBJECT: Ukraine: Energizing GUAM 

REF: A. 05 Kiev 4159, B. 05 CHISINAU 526 C. 05 KIEV 4274, 

D. 2/13/06 Scanlan email to the EUR-GUUAM collective 

(SBU) Sensitive but unclassified.  Please handle 
accordingly.  Not for Internet distribution. 

1. (SBU) Summary:  The Foreign Ministry acknowledges GUAM 
(Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova) is not yet a 
functioning regional organization, but is committed to 
getting Ukraine's house in order on the issue first, and 
then energizing GUAM.  Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia are in 
agreement on how to implement the Chisinau Declaration, but 
Azerbaijan remains a dissenting view.  A functioning 
Secretariat is critical to making GUAM a functional 

organization, but only Ukraine has paid its dues to the 
budget.  U.S.-GUAM Framework projects for 2006 are ready to 
be launched.  End summary. 

GOU: Organize Thyself, Then Help GUAM 

2. (SBU) On the evolution of the regional organization GUAM 
(Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova) toward becoming a 
functioning organization (ref A), Deputy Foreign Minister 
Veselovsky, the GOU's new National Coordinator for GUAM, 
acknowledged to EmbOffs January 19 that progress had been 
slow, adding that "even the GOU bureaucracy had not 
understood that it (GUAM) was inevitable."  The Chisinau 
Declaration (ref B) had signaled the members' political 
will to turn GUAM into a functioning regional organization, 
but now declarations had to be turned into action.  He said 
the MFA's clear mandate from the President and the PM was 
to energize the process.  Over the next couple of weeks he 
planned to meet with his counterparts at other GOU 
Ministries involved in the GUAM process and gain consensus 
and commitment on moving forward, including the 
establishment of the overdue Kiev node of the GUAM Virtual 
Law Enforcement Center (VLEC).  As a sign of recent 
progress, he pointed to the December 24, 2005 Cabinet of 
Ministers' decree approving the implementation of the Trade 
and Transportation Facilitation (TTF) project, Ukraine's 
payment in December of its 2005 dues of USD 21,000 to the 
budget of the GUAM Information Center, and President 
Yushchenko's recent decree instructing the GOU to identify 
a facility for the GUAM Information Center, which 
eventually would become GUAM's Secretariat. 

3. (SBU) DFM Veselovsky said that once GOU's house was in 
order on GUAM, the GOU would play a more assertive 
leadership role in the regional organization.  The goal was 
to wrap up quickly the processes of drafting, as mandated 
in the Chisinau Declaration, a new charter and structure 
for GUAM (and perhaps a new name), so that the GUAM 
Presidential Summit, and the handover of the rotating 
Presidency from Moldova to Ukraine, could take place in 
April or May of 2006 as opposed to the traditional July 
date.  The next "political" opportunity to move the process 
forward would be the upcoming GUAM National Coordinators 
Meeting, which would precede the meeting in Tbilisi of GUAM 
Foreign and Energy Ministers.  (Note:  As expanded on in 
para 4, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova have identical 
positions on the way forward; Azerbaijan is holding out for 
a different approach.)  The latter Ministerial meeting had 
been tentatively scheduled for February 16, but, "because 
some members were not ready," it had been delayed until 
March.  Ukraine in the interim would bilaterally engage 
Azerbaijan on outstanding issues, he said, as neither 
Moldova nor Georgia exerted much influence on Azerbaijan. 
Ukraine's relations with Azerbaijan had been complicated by 
the incident two months ago involving Azerbaijani 
opposition figure in exile Rasul Guliyev (ref C) but they 
were starting to move beyond that now. 

Azerbaijan is Out of Step 

4. (SBU) In earlier meetings with EmbOff, Yevhen Koziy, 
Executive Director of the GUAM Information Office, stated 
that Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia were in step on the new 
charter and structure for GUAM.  They favored clear 
principles of democracy, European integration, and common 
security.  Regarding the structure of the Secretariat they 
favored a flexible and streamlined approach that would be 
operational; i.e., not bureaucratic and not expensive, and 
that would have the Secretariat serve as the coordinating 
and supporting structure for the organization.  Azerbaijan 
baulked at including European integration as a principle 
and preferred adding another layer of decision makers 
within the Secretariat, although final decisions would 
still have to be deferred to the meetings of the National 
Coordinators or Foreign Ministers.  The process forward, he 
said, was slow because on both occasions in Chisinau, July 
12 and December 19, when empowered GUAM Deputy Foreign 
Ministers were assembled to take decisions, Azerbaijan sent 
only a first secretary from the MFA's Department for 
Security Issues with instructions only to listen.  Koziy, 
who participated in the unofficial meeting of GUAM Foreign 
Ministers on the margins of the December 6, 2005 OSCE 
Ljubljana meeting, said Azerbaijani FM Azimov had been very 
positive and eager to proceed with GUAM, which only added 
to the confusion of what exactly is Azerbaijan's position. 
(Note:  See r
ef D for copy of the drafting documents, with 
the dissenting Azerbaijani positions.) 
For a GUAM Secretariat, Members Need to Pay 

5. (SBU) One area where Georgia and Moldova unfortunately 
were in step with Azerbaijan and not Ukraine, Koziy said, 
was on the non-payment of dues to support the GUAM 
Information Center.  The Center currently consisted of a 
secretary (who just received four months back salary), 

Koziy, who is seconded from the Ukrainian MFA, and embassy 
officers from the three other member states who attend 
coordination meetings convened by Koziy.  Despite the 
current limited funding ($21,000, i.e., the Ukrainian 
dues), the Center had a bank account, diplomatic status, 
and had started to play a supportive and coordinating role 
for GUAM, such as by maintaining GUAM documents and 
declarations.  It had also started the process of 
developing a web site for the organization. 

U.S.-GUAM Framework Projects for 2006 Ready to Start 
--------------------------------------------- ------- 

6. (U) Note:  With the arrival at the end of January in 
Kiev of Alexandru Farcas as the new head of the Euro- 
Atlantic Advisory (EEA) Team and the recent engagement of 
ICITAP for the technical project, the U.S.-GUAM Framework 
projects (VLEC, TTF, and the Prosecutor Advisory Group) are 
ready to be implemented as reflected in the 2006 Action 
Plan drafted in the first half of January.  As of mid- 
February both the EEA advisory team and the ICITAP 
technical team will be fully present in the field. 


7. (SBU) The last few months have seen the GOU begin to put 
into practice its public statements about promoting GUAM as 
a regional organization based on common values of 
democracy, European integration, and common security.  With 
Ukraine committed to playing a more energized leadership 
role, the prospects of GUAM as an increasingly progressive 
influence on the region on the EU's eastern border has 
never been more promising.  The U.S.-GUAM Framework 
projects will assist GUAM to produce tangible results for 
its citizens.  However, things will remain complicated -- 
and will not address EU skepticism toward the organization 
-- if the GUAM Information Center, its de facto 
Secretariat, is not funded and made operational by its 

member states. 




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